Africa Travel: Lamu and Beyond

The Lamu archipelago is a world apart. 

Off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean, Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where rock stars, European royalty, backpackers, and the island’s Muslim community mingle in a common pursuit: living as if the moment matters.

On Lamu, seven-hundred-year-old houses made of limestone and coral rock are proof that the eco-house is not a modern invention

There are no cars on Lamu, except for one military jeep. You can be utterly alone on seven kilometers of coral rock beach except for the camels that pass by in the afternoon on their way to pasture in the sand dunes.

Come for a week. Or a month.

The third wave of African travel is about seeing -- everything. On an old-fashioned Hemingway safari, people traveled in search of astonishing animals. On a contemporary reality tour, the traveler reaches out for unforgettable experiences with people.

Why should these experiences be separate? Sophisticated travelers recognize that a true voyage traces the relationship between nature and culture. Our staff and partners reflect the world as it is today: a dynamic partnership between men and women, whites and blacks, Africans, Americans, and Europeans. This is not only good politics but good business. Because of our diversity, we offer our guests comfort, safety, intellectual stimulation -- and, if desired, a dash of adventure. Vivid experiences of place are at the heart of ’s unique approach to travel. 2014 © All rights reserved