The two essentials for any trip to Lamu are a town tour and a trip on one of the island’s famed sailing dhows.


Lamu Town is a World Heritage site, and it’s well worth a few hours at the start of a vacation to learn about the cultural and historical forces that shaped the place you’ll be seeing. All town tours are not alike. We offer customized tours featuring Lamu's medicinal plants, including meetings with practitioners of traditional medicine; for educators, we've set up day-long experiences with the island's schools. Let us know your interests, and we'll match you with the right guide and community members.


Out on the tourmaline blue of the Indian Ocean, you truly begin to understand why the locals feel so passionately about their way of life. This is the real Lamu, the place where the local Bajuni culture co-evolved with the sea. Today, dhows may be named after Beyonce, yet their basic design has barely changed since the Sixth Century A.D.

Your choice is between a traditional Lamu dhow or the roomier Mozambique dhows in Shela.Trips are seasonal and include:

*Day-long excursions with snorkeling and fishing
*Half-day trips to the Takwa Ruins
*Multi-day trips to outlying islands in the Lamu archipelago, where you can choose between camping and staying at charming, one of a kind eco-lodges

On these guided trips, unique to nature + culture, you will learn about coastal Kenya’s unique and imperiled mangrove ecosystem, and a coastal forest that Conservation International designated as one of the world’s 25 biodiversity hotspots.

We care about your safety. Our Shela captain is renowned as one of the island's finest sailors.  Our Lamu boat, the Nakupenda ("Love") is the only dhow on Lamu that is owned by a woman.  The Lamu crew is made up of young men chosen by Gabriel for both their skills and their characters – and because your tourism dollars will make a difference to their families. 2014 © All rights reserved