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A Business of Family & Good Friends

Junior Staff
Jamil and Jamal As you can see, our twin boys Jamil and Jamal Suleiman are discerning critics.  We’re putting them in charge of swimming lessons (their own) and reciting the alphabet in Swahili and English.  Next year, the multiplication tables.
Big Boss Man
Said “Gabriel” Suleiman Said “Gabriel” Suleiman has been a licensed tour guide on Lamu for nearly a decade, working with people from all over the world, including returning visitors from France, Holland, the U.K., Canada and the U.S.  He is an expert sailor with experience on Lamu’s traditional dhows, as well as on ocean-going yachts and catamarans, and he is a first-rate fishing guide.  Gabriel’s good taste makes him a trusted advisor on accommodations.  His ethics and people skills keep clients coming back.  It’s worth attending a local soccer game with Gabriel, even if you’re not a sports fan.  Everyone on the Kenya coast knows him because of his days as a professional soccer player (midfield, No. 6 “The Tigers”).
The Great Communicator
Said “Gabriel” Suleiman Susan Zakin (U.S. contact) is a former journalist and the author of several books on the environment ( She is also the author of “Susan’s Irreverent Guide to Lamu” which she will send you when you finalize your reservation. Unconfirmed sources report that “The Irreverent Guide” is being considered as a New York Times Notable Book. (Oops, make that Shela village notable handout.)
Babu British
babu Fast becoming a legend, Abdul Rahman Mohamed, aka Babu British, is an invaluable asset to anyone trying to navigate existence on Lamu. A superb businessman with great taste, Babu British is a trusted adviser, a great cook, a shopper, a world traveler, and, occasionally, a shoulder to cry on. His name? Babu’s father was the first person from Lamu to travel to England. His son is a worthy heir to that cosmopolitan tradition.
Sharif, Rahima & Swabra
rahima If you’re lucky, when you get in touch with us at nature + culture, your first point of contact may be Rahima Hassan Mzee. An artist and translator educated in Philadelphia, Rahima and her husband Salim recently returned to Shela Village, where both of them spent their childhoods, to raise their kids. Rahima effortlessly shifts between English and Swahili, and is equally seamless when she bridges cultures for our clients.
Uncle Hamdan
Hamdan Said Hamdan Said works for Safarilink, one of Kenya’s major airlines.  He may be the one to greet you at the airstrip, and arrange transportation to your hotel.  Hamdan is Gabriel’s uncle, a runner and athlete, and a former officer in the Kenyan army.  He has one daughter. 2010 © All rights reserved